Meow Wolf

Today we went to Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return.


It’s a crazy art/sci fi mystery house in Santa Fe.  Some parts of it were very Santa Fe…overall, it was very interesting to go through…like seeing hundreds of quirky pieces of art and electronics put together with an overarching story.  My only recommendation is that if possible, don’t go on a weekend.  It was so crowded that we could barely move in many spots and could barely hear some very quiet audio cues in the story.  Here is a dramatic reenactment.

Star Trek: Mark of Gideon
Star Trek: Mark of Gideon

Oh, and pro-tip…be sure to look in the toilet.

Great Mysteries of the Food World

There are so many food mysteries out there, but here are a couple for today.

Do you like beef?  So you’d probably like hot beef tea?  That’s the idea behind Britain’s Bovril anyway.  You drink it during winter soccer games.

And you’ll find this one in Filipino bakeries.  “Look!  We’ve made a delicious sweet and buttery muffin!  What could we top it with?  Cinnamon?  Cocoa powder?  Honey?  I know!  GRATED CHEESE!”  What?  Next thing you know, they’ll be putting hot dog slices in their spaghetti.  (They do.)




Star Trek actor re-use

I’m re-watching Deep Space 9 and noticed this guy as a character.  I looked him up because I know he’s been several different Star Trek characters…five, apparently.    Data’s mom (Fionnula Flanagan) has played three characters.  Anyway, it got me curious as to who has played the most characters in Star Trek.  The Star Trek wiki mentions five actors who’ve played seven characters each; Enterprise’s Degra guyDS9’s Brunt/Weyoun/Enterprise’s Shran guy, DS9’s General Martok guy, Enterprise’s Admiral Forest guy and DS9’s Kira’s dad guy.  Honorable mention to Babylon 5’s Lyta who played many uncredited Star Trek roles and was also a stunt woman.  Who knew?

Windows 10 Insomnia

After running for a little while with Windows 10 on our PCs at home, the most annoying problem is Windows 10’s insomnia.  It loves to wake up.  I run powercfg -lastwake or powercfg -waketimers to see what’s waking it up and it’s almost always Microsoft’s Update Orchestrator Reboot.  Try to disable wake timers on that scheduled task and Microsoft will just re-enable it.  It even wakes my wife’s laptop while it’s closed, which can’t be good as far as thermal issues.  I see other people out there are having the problem too.  Hopefully Microsoft fixes this issue at some point so you don’t find your PC awake every single morning?